In need of a holiday? Humans not able to take you with them or can't look after you for whatever reason that might be? Please, do not fret  as 'mutts & munchkins is here to provide you with all the care and attention you need. (And dog parents, rest assured, as your family member will be welcomed with open arms) Because that is exactly what I feel a dog is..part of the family! And that is also why I aim to provide the same high standard of care, no matter how short or long a stay is and I will do my utmost to make everyone feel happy, safe, comfortable, at ease and of course special in a most loving but mainly homely environment.


I will stick to individual routines as much as I possibly can and walks are tailored to size and breed/age. Feeding times are always supervised or can be separate if necessary, private sleeping areas can be provided for and, your dogs will, of course, have the run of the house and securely gated and fenced (11 acre) grounds. No kennels (we do have them for emergencies only - like having to go into quarantine due to illness or 'extremely bad behaviour')..just a home from home but with that little bit extra luxury of being able to roam and experience the lovely Scottish Borders Countryside.

Nestled in the valley of the Tweed and surrounded by the Cheviot Hills, I am here to offer this ‘home from home’ service with bespoke boarding, living and spending time as one of the family, enjoying days filled with walks in the countryside, playing in the fields in summer , evenings in front of the wood burner or AGA in the winter, and nights spent sleeping soundly and peacefully.

Last but not least I'd like to note that apart from 'host hounds' Dougal, Daisy & Deacon, there are no other domestic pets (or children) to chase and that I, Vivian, run 'mutts & munchkins' from home only, so I can devote myself utterly to looking after your dogs. Also do I endeavour to never leave anyone unattended nor on their own at any time during your dogs' stay.

I can speak out of personal experience that this causes not only stress amongst the dog guests, but the human owners as well - and we do NOT do stress here at mutts & munchkins that's for sure!


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