Precious pets, spoilt hounds and prized pooches, 'mutts & munchkins' would like to welcome you all!

However, it must be said that the licence we hold restricts us from boarding certain breeds* and we do ask for all canines to be 16 weeks and over, be fully house-trained, up to date with their flea/worm treatments & vaccines and of course be well-behaved and good with other dogs. Also; we only accept boys that are neutered and for obvious reasons do we ask for girls not to be in heat when they visit us.


In addition to the regular vaccines, (proof must be provided that your dog has current vaccinations against Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Adenovirus, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis) it is highly recommended your dog has been treated against Mortadella Kennel Cough - especially when there will be dogs from different households boarding together. (Should you wish to have your dog stay as an exclusive only guest**, which can be arranged outside peak season and of course availability permitted-then this is still advisable though not mandatory.)


Of course I will do my utmost to make your dog feel at ease and at home but sometimes a little comfort from home is required to help to settle-in, especially if staying overnight. I find most dog adjust really quick and it usually takes only a few hours for them to feel completely at ease but for the first night you could bring a favourite toy, blanket or treat which will then be kept separate and hidden from 'nosy companion guests' in order to keep these items clean and fresh and not smelling of 'other dogs', for the remainder of their stay.


Please also bring or have your own -dog food- ordered in (we can do this for you***) as dogs' tums are easily upset by a sudden change in diet so we advise sticking to their own. Also please make sure your dog is wearing a well fitting and comfortable collar with ID-tag for when we go on outings, a lead is optional. All dogs will be wearing an additional 'mutts & munchkins' ID tag during their stay and all meals are served in our own ceramic bowls from either 'mungo & maud' or the famous 'granny' enamel bowls from 'cloud7, unless our guests prefer their own of course, then you are most welcome to bring these too.


Last but not least, mutts & munchkins are here to provide unconditional care and devoted attention together with the affection and companionship of both myself and of course the mutts & munchkins' host dogs Dougal, Daisy, Deacon & Dotty.


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