Sometimes running is all a dog wants to do, but regretably they don't always get the chance to do so, specially on a regular basis.


Many cannot go off-lead simply due to their owners not having the time to take them, or because there is no safe space for a high drive to chase or catch, or maybe the dogs don’t have the recall yet to be allowed off lead safely.


If this sounds familiar and you also have a dog that is high in energy, or it is simply too difficult for you to take them out for this kind of exercise, then fear not, as we are here to offer you exactly that.


Dog running (also known as Cani Cross) is actually a 'thing' and it will allow dogs to have the release of energy they need and desire so much sometimes. This type of exercise is very straight forward and simply allows your dogs to have the necessary physical and mental stimulation but can sometimes even help with many other issues such as separation anxiety, aggression, restlessness or even with pulling on a lead.


There are many dog walkers out there who offer a fantastic service in providing regular exercise but sometimes this simply doesn't suffice as some dogs might even require more than 2 walks a day (especially when these are on the lead).


So, with all this in mind I have decided to offer you the alternative in the form of a good old-fashioned run, all bespoke and tailored to your dogs' specific needs. I can cater for all kinds, from hunting dogs out of hunting season, to pampered pooches in need of socialising.

Runs are available to all from Monday to Thursday and cost  £10 for a half hour session or £15 for an hour in our secured and safe (12 acre) grounds. All runs are supervised by myself and can take place separate or together from other guest dogs and/or host hounds.

For now I cannot offer a pick-up and drop-off service but I am working towards this also, so for now I can only offer this service for our local customers who are willing and able to drop off and pick up their dog themselves.


Please do get in touch via the contact form below (I am not always there to answer the phone) to set up an appointment for this service-your dog will thank you for it!