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And then this came along..The perfect additione to mungo & maud's shampoo? The cologne, but of course! Ah..Your dog used to be so good at sharing.. but things changed shortly after Mungo & Maud's Petite Amande Dog Fragrance was brought home. Maybe it is the delicate notes of French blackcurrant, Tunisian neroli, mimosa and violet leaf? Or perhaps it’s the base of sweet vanilla bourbon with a little almond, that has made your dog so possessive? It doesn't seem fair... You just wanted a spritz! 


Pssst..don't tell our host hounds Deacon, Daisy and Dougal (yes it's an all gender cologne) but I use a tiny mini bit of a spritz on all your orders (except the perishable/eadible ones of course) in case you wondered what that heavinly smell was?!

mungo & maud 'petite amande' dog fragrance