There's only one thing your pup will work the hardest for! And to be honest..who wouldn't? Boys and girls from the UK (who said because it's grey that it's boys only who will admit to working for scracthes) it's an American term..and we call them leftovers..but who cares..You'll be fighting off the treats (and scatches) humans will want to hand out looking this cute!

max bone 'will work' jumper

  • NOTE: Sizing varies from MAX BONE jersey jumpers. Knit jumpers measure smaller around chest and longer in length.

    Size Back Neck Chest Perfect For
    Small 11" 8" 13" Yorkshire Terrier 
    Medium 14" 12" 16" Pug
    Large 17" 14" 21" French Bulldog
    Extra Large 19" 16" 24" English Bulldog, Labrador


    Please note this size chart is only a guideline and measurements are approximate depending on stretch of product.