Plant based protection - now with optimized ingredients!


The ANTI-TIQUE SPRAY provides effective protection against ticks. It is purely vegetable/plant based and very easy to use. In addition to ticks it ALSO protects against fleas, mosquitos and other insects. The herbal formula is unique and makes it particularly compatible to your dog yet very effective against nasties. Thanks to its compatibility, the ANTI-TIQUE SPRAY is even suitable for puppies.


Completely without chemical ingredients and realy effectivel alternative to other chemical products or Spot On treatments and the ideal companion for the road. Once applied your four-legged friend can rely on protection for up to four hours. Simply spray on fur or skin before walkies and you simply enjoy great outdoors without the worry of finding any uneanted guests afterwards!


In animals that do not like to be sprayed, one can also easily spray it on your hands to distribute and massage it into the coat.


Shelf life: Use after opening within 12 months.

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