New to mutts & munchkins..our very exclusive, very own and very first ever toothbrush especially for doggo's with soft bristles and made from sustainable bamboo so NO PLASTIC! They are naturally anti bacterial but so very stylish so beware as these will not only clean your gnashers perfectly (especially in combo with the ‘lila loves it’ toothpaste - hint) but look so trendy that your humans might be tempted to steal them..but they are yours and yours alone so humans..hands off!! 
Available in black or white (bristles) with untreated (non toxic and sustainable) bamboo.

TOP TIP; use until you deem it necessary to discard and it can go directly into the compost or recycling bin..but what if you removed the bristles only and voila..stirring spoon anyone?!
Size; approx 20 cm long and 1 cm in diameter perfectly round handle which is very easy on both dogs mouth and human hand.

mutts & munchkins doggie toothbrush