More and delicious: the LILA LOVES IT goodies in a 350g box


There is no question, without a doubt, these goodies from LILA LOVES IT are equally highly sought after and of the highest quality. A high proportion of beef and the best ingredients such as carrots, parsley and raw apple fibre ensure a very enjoyable crunch and their small size of approx. 2 cm sure does have an almighty large impact and are a very sought-after treat for even the most descerning dog. Small but mighty, particularly tasty, particularly healthy, particularly popular. The perfect reward for when in training or just for in between.


The great success of lila loves it goodies in their beautiful metal boxes (BEEF GOODIES 50g CAN) for on the go, plus the high demand for refill goodies has inspired and resulted in these to now also be available in a 350g box.


So the tin is quickly refilled (a few times over), but of course the great packaging on its own is also an eye-catcher on the shelf in itself!



Complementary feed for dogs


Composition: 85% beef, carrots, parsley, linseed flour, raw apple fibre


Analytical components: crude protein 44.7%, crude fat 31%, moisture 4.6%, crude ash 4.1%, crude fiber 4.9%

lila loves it 'the big one goodies beef'