Fruit is totally underestimated as a valuable source of vitamins and most importantly as a healthy alternative for our four-legged friends. But FRUITY – GOODIES are also just as popular with our favourite pets as the GOODIES with meat. The high proportion of freshly dried apple, buckwheat, pear, coconut flour, fresh banana, papaya, pineapple and the super weapon turmeric make these FRUITY GOODIES a very versatile super snack – effectively in the form of a fruit salad but more practical and definitely less messy. They too make for the perfect training treat or can give your dog this this much needed change alongside other meat based alternatives.

As great as the contents are for our dogs, the design of our Goodies tins is just as appealing.


  • Fruity and delicious, guarenteed meat free
  • The perfect snack for in-between meals
  • Very popular as a reward
  • Stylish design
  • Easily fits in any bag or coat pocket


Furthermore, these FRUITY – GOODIES are also grain-free. Instead, they contain buckwheat, which provides high-quality protein and is even known to lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Moreover, buckwheat contains silicic acid which ensures a healthy coat. They also contain coconut flour – a delicious superfood that is particularly friendly for the gastrointestinal tract.


Complementary feed for dogs – grain-free and baked with love



LILA LOVES IT - fruity goodies

  • Ingredients: 30% apple (freshly dried), buckwheat, potato flakes, 8% pear (dried), 8% coconut flour, potato flour, 5% fresh banana, 2% papaya (dried), coconut oil, 2% pineapple (dried), curcuma

    Analytical ingredients: Raw protein: 8.0 %, crude fat: 6.0%, crude ash: 4.0 %, crude fibre: 11.0%


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