INGREDIENTS: 85% beef, carrots, parsley, linseed flour, raw apple fiber Analytical components: crude protein 44.7%, crude fat 31%, moisture 4.6%, crude ash 4.1%, crude fiber 4.9%


The new treats from LILA LOVES IT are coveted by both dogs and their owners alike. A high proportion of beef and only the best ingredients such as carrots, parsley and raw apple fibre ensure both a crunchy nibble enjoyment for hound and the great look is a pure delight for owner during daily use. The practical metal box fits in every pocket and is solid so that the treats don't crumble. As a reward, the treats from LILA LOVES IT provide real moments of happiness for our beloved four-legged friends. Even the rustling in the metal tin triggers joy on handing out these small rewards plus they not only tasty but healthy too!

lila loves it ‘beef goodies’

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