Mini biscuits in the shape of a bone weighing only 3 grams each, perfectly suited to small dogs and the perfect size for a reward) for puppies and young dogs in training. Handcrafted with love and with premium ingredients approved for human consumption: wheat flour, vegetable margarine, carob powder, honey, cinnamon and bicarbonate of soda, all come from organic farming.


All ingredients have been specifically selected for their high digestive qualities, so no worries about tummy troubles.


Carob (the dog-safe alternative to chocolate has only good qualities UNLIKE REAL CHOCOLATE AS THIS CONTAINS theobromine which is TOXIC to dogs! Extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, polyphenols, antioxidants, phosphorus and calcium, it is good for digestion and elimination of waste in the body and it also supports bone health and growth! On top of all this it is also non-allergenic, it very closely resembles the flavour of chocolate but without any of the risks!


Cinnamon stimulates circulation, digestion and brain health.

Honey (Aston's cookies contain 4%) contains many vitamins which are good for the immune system and can also aid to puppies digestion.


Aston does not use any preservatives and other odd additives, only simple and healthy ingredients. For optimum conservation of texture and flavour, aston's cookies are packaged in airtight sachets and cardboard boxes which look fabulous out on the shelf too, but keep cool and dry, so preferably NOT above or near a heat source and also NOT in the fridge.


Remains us to wish you a 'bon apetit!'

aston’s cookies ‘puppy bones’