These organic biscuits are Dougal’s absolute favourite! Well, he is a French Spaniel after all and it probably reminds him of his own puppyhood growing up in the French countryside - where these are made - by hand and with lots of love and with nothing but wholesome ingredients.


The addotion of oat flour makes this biscuit have a reduced gluten level and the honey it contains is famously rich in minerals and even has anti-oxidising properties.


Aston says; I hand bake all my biscuits, which means they might look irregular but this does no alter their quality in any way. Actually, it guarantees their authenticity and your dog might even think you have baked them yourself and especially for them!


Aston only chooses top-quality human grade ingredients. The oat flour, vegetable margarine and vanilla all come from organic farms. The eggs are pasteurized and the honey is made by our friends the bees.


Nothing weird or artificial just 100% natural ingredients and guaranteed free of preservatives.


To keep their texture and flavour, all cookies are packaged in airtight bags and cardboard boxes.


Keep in a cool and dry place in order to keep them fresh and to enjoy their loveliness for longer.


Box of 200 gr.

aston's cookies 'petite quenotte'

  • oat flour, wheat flour, vegetal margarine, eggs, honey (4,5%), natural extract of vanilla (1%), sodium bicarbonate.