At last dogs can enjoy without any ill effects..Because carob’s flavour is very close to that of chocolate, but doesn’t contain any théobromine nor caffeine. Instead it is an energetic and hypoallergenic ingredient rich in fibre.


To make these biscuits even more irrisistable they not only contain this magic ingredient carob, but also a small quantity of agave syrup. Agava has a much lower glycemic index than other natural sweeteners, plus it contains iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.


Guaranteed free of preservatives.

The wheat flour comes from French mills. The vegetal margarine, carob powder, agave sirup and ginger, all come from organic farms and the eggs are pasteurized.



To keep their texture and flavour these cookies are packaged in airtight bags and cardboard boxes but please do keep them in a cool and dry place.

Box of 200 gr.

aston's cookies 'péché mignon'

  • wheat flour, vegetal margarine, eggs, carob powder (7%), agave sirup, sodium bicarbonate, ginger (0,4%).


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