THE cookie that all hungry little chops have been waiting for!


Delicious little marbled hearts with not one..but two flavours..a vanilla-carob flavour (which is a dog safe chocolate alternative) to be exact.

You dreamed of them, Aston's cookies made them so get excited and try them now!


These chic cookies are handcrafted with love and premium ingredients approved for human consumption. (with wheat flour, vegetable margarine, honey and spices are from organic farming)


Aston uses no preservatives or weird additives, just simple, healthy ingredients.


For optimum texture and flavour retention, Aston's cookies are packaged in airtight bags and cardboard boxes.


Store in a cool, dry place.

aston's cookies - miss marble

  • wheat flour, vegetal margarine, eggs, agave sirop, carob powder, natural extract of vanilla, sodium bicarbonate.